RA660 Navi M – A megbízható önállóság


0 m²/h
Battery running time
0 hours
Cleaning speed
0 m/s
Water tank volume
0 l
Water tank volume45 l
Robot weight (with water)260 kg
Height880 mm
Dimensions930 x 850 x 880 mm
User interfaceExternal access
Water level indicationThrough the user interface or application
Working width660 mm
Battery running time with Lithium battery3.5 óra
Gel battery charging time4-5 hours
Lithium battery charging time40 minutes (80%), 60 minutes (100%)
Navigation systemBlueBotics ANT® lite
CommunicationLTE, WiFi, GPS
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On a surface covered with a hard covering (industrial resin, PVC, tiles).
Where the distance between objects/ lines/ passageways is greater than 1.2 m; there is a water intake, drain point and electricity for charging the battery.

The robot is able to work 24/7 with proper equipment and preparation. The higher the utilization and the more it is in operation, the sooner the robot pays off and generates profits / produces savings. Calculate yourself!

To charge the batteries, the docking station is currently only available for the Navi XL version.

The battery running time of the robot´s battery is 2.5 -3 hours for AGM batteries, depending on the surface to be cleaned; 5 hours for lithium batteries.

AGM batteries can be recharged approximately 800-1000 times, if used according to the charging instructions and recommendations . The life of lithium batteries is four times the life of gel batteries. They can be recharged approximately 4000 times.

Yes. Both the desired color and the company's logo can be applied to the robot. Match your new RA660 Navi with your brands Corporate Identity and create a unique eye-catcher and a perfect advertising medium. For further information about the customization possibilities, please do not hesitate to contact us, we would be glad to assist you.

Yes. With the help of a special joystick, the robot can also be controlled manually. Like this, even areas that are difficult to access for humans ( e.g. under production lines and conveyors), can be cleaned safely without interrupting the production process. In this case, some of the sensors are switched off and the robot is under human control.


Robot presentation

Take part in our free robot presentation at our headquarter in Nagytarcsa, where you can make sure that the RA660 Navi industrial cleaning robot is easy to set up and operates efficiently. Our colleagues will happily answer your questions immediately.

Field test

You can operate and test the robot at the point of use for up to several weeks, for which we provide our technical colleague for up to 2 working days, who will map the area and program the robot. In case of any problems, we guarantee the arrival of our colleague within 24 hours. You can access our on-site test rates here:


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