KEMARO-900 - The first industrial sweeping and vacuuming robot

Fully automated sweeper

0 m²/h
Battery running time
0 hours
0 kg
Dust container
0 l
Dust container 35 l
Robot weight (empty) 32 kg
Cleaning performance
1000 m2/h
Maximum speed 0.7 m/s
Sound pressure level at low vacuum cleaner performance 66 db(A)
Sound pressure level at maximum vacuum cleaner performance 72 db(A)
Working width90 cm


79 x 72 x 35 cm

Charging time

2,5 hours

Battery running time

4 -5 óra (burkolatfüggő)
Maximum ramp inclination12 %

Technical data

  • 900 mm cleaning width
  • 1000 m²/h cleaning performance
  • akár 5 óra akkumulátor működési ideje egy töltéssel
  • Height 35 cm
  • 32 kg weight
  • 35 liter dirt container
  • integrated vacuuming


  • automated sweeper
  • significant cost savings
  • it removes even the most stubborn dirt
  • less dust
  • automatic emptying station
  • small size
  • programmable work cycles


  • warehouses
  • Courier providers
  • manufacturing and assembly plants, workshops
  • retailers and wholesalers
  • parking garages
  • underground parking garages



Using our industrial cleaning robot significantly reduces cleaning costs.


Thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), the KEMARO-900 requires no further installation in buildings. Just set it up and let it clean ...


Automatic dry cleaning guarantees constant cleanliness without the use of any chemicals.


The use of high-quality and industrial parts guarantees automatic cleaning in the long run.

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On all types of hard coverings (e.g. industrial resin, PVC, tiles) and, under certain conditions, even on textile coverings.
Where the distance between objects / lines / passageways is greater than 75 cm; where electric power is available to charge the battery. Under shelves, shelving systems, where the height between the cover and the shelf is more than 36 cm.

The robot is able to work 24/7 with proper equipment and preparation. The higher the utilization and the more it is in operation, the sooner the robot pays off and generates profits / produces savings. Calculate yourself!

To charge the batteries, you need a docking station, which is standard equipment and is being delivered with the robot. The Kemaro 900 robot automatically connects to the charging station when the battery is lower.

The battery running time of the robot´s battery is 3-5 hours, depending on the surface to be cleaned and the set strength of the vacuum cleaner power.

The life of lithium batteries is approximately four times the life of gel batteries. As the KEMARO 900 robot is equipped with a lithium battery, it can approximately be recharged 4000 times.

Yes. The robot's vacuuming power can be adjusted as required.

Yes. With the help of a special remote control unit, the robot can also be controlled manually. Like this, even areas that are difficult to access for humans (e.g. under production lines and conveyors), can be cleaned safely without interrupting the production process. In this case, the sensors are deactivated and the robot is under human control. The performance of the robot vacuum cleaner can also be changed during the manual mode.


Robot presentation

Take part in our free robot presentation at our headquarter in Nagytarcsa, where you can make sure that the RA660 Navi industrial cleaning robot is easy to set up and operates efficiently. Our colleagues will happily answer your questions immediately.

Field test

You can operate and test the robot at the point of use for up to several weeks, for which we provide our technical colleague for up to 2 working days, who will map the area and program the robot. In case of any problems, we guarantee the arrival of our colleague within 24 hours. You can access our on-site test rates here:


e.g. George Smith