Up to 70% cost savings

With decades of experience in the field of cleaning machine manufacturing, we have developed automated robots that master the challenges of the future and are able to perform cleaning tasks on a high standard with full independence. Since the biggest cost factor in cleaning is human labor, by taking over monotonous work processes, cost savings are significant and easy to quantify.

Intelligent navigation - consistent quality

Thanks to a unique Swiss engineering development, state-of-the-art sensors and advanced indoor navigation algorithms, the software and hardware are able to ensure a perfect and consistent cleaning result in optimal harmony.

Documented processes

By automating the generation of cleaning reports the following can be documented in accordance with the current regulations: - the duration and time of the cleaning operations, the size and the location of the cleaning areas. This is particularly important in hygiene-sensitive areas such as hospitals, health and social care facilities.

Simple work organization - maximum loyalty

Az automatizált munkafolyamatok teszik a robotjainkkal való takarítást egyszerűvé, hatékonnyá és gazdaságossá. A robot pontos munkakezdéséhez sosem férhet kétség; a munkakedve töretlen, egészsége kifogástalan; a munkájához szükséges idő, a felhasznált takarítószerek és víz mennyisége maximális pontossággal, előre kalkulálható; kiszámíthatósága, lojalitása minden tekintetben példaértékű.

Multiple security

Thanks to our robots advanced sensor system, they cannot harm themselves nor their environment. Neither do they participate in conflicts or have a problem of motivation at work. in areas sensitive to property security, our robots are the most reliable workforce in financial institutions, warehouses, underground garages and archives.

Phone-trackable cleaning

In line with today 's challenges, our robots´ movements, the charge of their batteries and the saturation of their tanks can be monitored using a phone application. Thus, even the simultaneous supervision of several robots by one person is a cinch, while other non-mechanized cleaning sub-processes can be performed.


Robot presentation

Take part in our free robot presentation at our headquarter in Nagytarcsa, where you can make sure that the RA660 Navi industrial cleaning robot is easy to set up and operates efficiently. Our colleagues will happily answer your questions immediately.

Field test

You can operate and test the robot at the point of use for up to several weeks, for which we provide our technical colleague for up to 2 working days, who will map the area and program the robot. In case of any problems, we guarantee the arrival of our colleague within 24 hours. You can access our on-site test rates here:


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